Horizon Holidays Spring: Festival Playlist, reward cars, challenges, Forzathon & more

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We are in the bizarro Christmas-New Year week, but one place that is settled is Forza Horizon 5 where it is Horizon Holidays Spring!

That's right, the final week of the Horizon Holidays series is here and it brings plenty of amazing rewards and challenges for players to take on.


Let's take a look at what there is to do this week.

Horizon Holidays Spring

The new season arrives on Thursday 29 December at 2:30pm GMT / 9:30am ET.

Horizon Holidays Spring season progress cars

You will then have seven days to complete as much of the Festival Playlist as you can. This is also the last week of the Horizon Holidays series.

This means it is your last chance to secure the Ferrari Cali T.

Reward cars

This week you can bag yourself seven cars, plus one more if you have the Hot Wheels DLC.

The two Season Progress cars are the AMC Rebel (20 points) and the Porsche 911C2 GW (40 points).

You can get the Audi TTS for winning The Trial, and the BMW Z4 '08 for winning the Seasonal Playground Games.

Horizon Holidays Spring Reward Cars

The trio of Seasonal Championships will give you the Corvette '02, Jaguar F-Pace S, and Caddy ATS-V.

If you have the Hot Wheels DLC you can also win the Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

Forzathon Daily Challenges

Day Title Description
1Energy To BurnEarn a Burnout Skill in the Dunas Blancas
2Take OffTake a picture of the Plane at the Horizon Festival Mexico
3Crafted For GreatnessEarn a total of 5 Stars from Trailblazers in an Alumi Craft vehicle
4Happy New Year!Send a Gift Drop to another player
5New GroundWin a Dirt Race in any Retro Rally vehicle
6Lightning SpeedsReach 100mph (161km/h) in any Expedition
7Throwing ShadeChange the colour of your vehicle's window tint

Forzathon Weekly Challenge

Chapter Challenge
1Own and drive the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
2Keep the SRT Demon stock to win an A Class Drag Race
3Upgrade the SRT Demon to win an S1 Class Drag Race
4Take a photo of your 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Photo Challenge

This week's photo challenge is the final #HideAndSeek of the festive period.


You need to snap the Snowman at the Buena Esperanza Player House!