Level up FAST with this Forza Horizon 5 trick

With more than 500 cars in Forza Horizon 5 it would be impossible to buy them all with credits, which is why wheelspins and leveling up fast is so important.

Leveling up can be a bit of a grind, but with this trick you can fly through the levels and earn a ton of XP to get a pile of wheelspins and unlock free cars.

A Goliath amount of XP

The first thing you need to do for this XP farming method is to unlock the Goliath race.

If you haven't got it already you need to earn enough Accolades to get the next story chapter. Then in the main Mexico menu you can unlock the Goliath.

FH5 goliath
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THE BIG ONE: The Goliath is a huge race, and with it comes huge rewards

This race is 1 lap of the whole map, which will take you about 10 minutes to run and earn around 40,000 XP. That would be a good grind in itself. But what if you could automate it?

Do the driving for you

To fully automate this method you need to adjust your gameplay settings and turn nearly every assist to the max. That means putting assisted braking on and auto-steering. You'll want traction control and automatic shifting too, along with the full driving line.

FH5 goliath settings
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THE SET UP: Mirror these settings to guarantee a win

Tourist difficulty will then guarantee you a win too.

Then you need the right car. Something fast and with good downforce. We went with the McLaren Senna, which is the loyalty reward for playing Forza Horizon 4.

The final step is to get yourself a way to keep the throttle pinned. With the Xbox Elite controller you can do this by holding RT down and then clicking the adjuster down one. This will keep the trigger down without any input from yourself.

1 lap with the car driving itself took our Senna 12:25, and we earned 33,000 XP. But using the Eventlab you can truly maximise your returns.

FH5 goliath eventlab
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ALREADY DONE: There are plenty of automated Eventlabs for you to jump into and rack up XP

Other players have already created 5-lap no AI races for you to just let your Xbox race on. There are even 50-lappers if you fancy letting it run overnight.

The best thing is that as this method simply uses accessibility options and the Eventlab there should be no reason for Playground Games to close off this seemingly infinite XP method!

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