Forza Horizon 5 Purrfectly Clean Treasure Hunt Guide

Purrfectly Clean Treasure Hunt Guide

Purrfectly Clean Treasure Hunt Guide

The final week of the Community Choice series has arrived, and with it comes the Purrfectly Clean Treasure Hunt.

This is one of TWO Treasure Hunts this week before the Lunar New Year series arrives. Check out our Delta 100 Treasure Hunt guide for how to solve that one. Here, we will tell you everything you need to earn an easy 250,000 credits and bag three Series Progress points.

Purrfectly Clean Treasure Hunt guide

As the name may suggest, this week's Treasure Hunt involves Jaguars! The clue reads: "Keeping doubly clean on the road is no trouble for these cats!"

That means you need to earn Clean Racing skills, so hop in your favourite Jag and find a simple race that you will be able to complete without making any heavy collisions. Don't worry, some light wheel-to-wheel rubbing is fine!

Once you've done that the location area will pop into your map, taking you down to the Aerodromo en la Selva in the south-west corner of the map.

You'll find the chest in the middle of the runway, near the derelict hanger on the opposite end of the Danger Sign. Smash through it and claim your reward.

Purrfectly Clean Treasure chest location
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Community Choice Spring Festival Playlist

This week sees the start of the Community Choice Spring Festival Playlist. That means it's your last chance to earn enough points to grab the 911 GT3 '21.

This week the Season Progress cars are the GTA Spano (20 points) and the Fiat Dino (40 points). Both are exclusives so you will want to get them before they disappear.

Community Choice Spring Festival Playlist
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There are three other cars to win in the base Festival Playlist this week. You can get the Audi RS2 '95 for completing The Trial and the Challenger '15 for doing the EventLab. There is also the Porsche 968 for winning the Seasonal Championship.

The base Festival Playlist also contains three Super Wheelspins and plenty of other rewards. You can earn the Mazda RX-7 '97 and the Acura Integra, along with two more Super Wheelspins, if you have the two expansion DLCs.

Don't forget to head up to the Gran Telescopio for the photo challenge too!

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