Top YouTuber rails against the state of Forza Horizon 5 multiplayer

Forza Horizon 5 had a huge launch.

Millions of players have been exploring and racing at the Horizon Festival. But it hasn't been a problem-free experience. Now one of the best-known Forza influencers has voiced his concerns about the state of the game.

The state of multiplayer

Players are increasingly upset about the online play in Forza Horizon 5.

There's almost no aspect of the multiplayer that isn't broken in some way. In particular, driving and racing with friends is so unreliable that many are turning back to the previous game, Forza Horizon 4.

fh5 online experience
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Players have been quick to satirise the Forza Horizon 5 online experience

It's a sad state of play for what was intended to be one of the flagship games for the Game Pass and the Xbox Series X|S consoles in general.

Don Joewon Song breaks it down

Don Joewon Song (or DJS) is one of the best-known Forza players. Known primarily for his YouTube tutorials, where he has 680k subscribers, he has been top of the Hall of Fame in Forza Horizon 5 since the game was released. His real name is Joe Leech. Last year he was briefly banned from Forza Horizon 4 in error. Outcry from the community caused his ban to be rescinded.

His post attracted thousands of likes on Twitter and thousands of upvotes on Reddit. It seems that the community around the Forza games is in agreement. The current situation doesn't seem to be good enough and the players are also unhappy with the lack of communication from the developers.

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Forza Horizon 5 looks nice, but the online play is still a bit of a mess

It's saying something when one of the game's most passionate advocates speaks out like this. Hopefully the developers take notice and act. Fixing big problems can take time, but what the players need is better communication from the Turn 10 and Playground Games teams.

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