Where is the Horizon Mexico Festival?

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Forza Horizon 5 has a huge map with several festival sites dotted around, but where is the Horizon Mexico Festival?


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This location is key for the Photo Challenge is Series 3 spring but it's not totally clear where it is. Don't worry though, we have the answer!

Where is the Horizon Mexico Festival?

There are six Forza Horizon Festival sites, but only one will actually unlock the Photo Challenge that we need to complete.

FH5 festival site 1
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The Horizon Mexico Festival site is the original one you start at. The one with the drag strip and the ramp over the plane. You know the one!

To find it on the map you'll want to head to the west coast and go north of Mulege into Baja California.

You can complete the Photo Challenge by taking a pic with any car in this festival site.


Chinese cars coming to FH5

Playground Games haven't made a song and dance about it in the west, but Forza's official Chinese channels have made big announcements about four Chinese cars coming to the game.

This is along with extra accessibility for the game in China and all in time for the Lunar New Year.