Gran Turismo 7 Trailer: 5 things you probably missed in the latest teaser

Good things come to those who wait. It certainly seems like that too, as after the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, we've been given a lot of new information about Gran Turismo 7. A new three-minute trailer has given us plenty to digest, but not everything was clear on first viewing.

Here are five things you might have missed in GT7's latest trailer!

New GT hub

We got a glimpse of this in the reveal trailer last year, but a lot has changed since then. GT Sport's menus are simple and effective, but the ones you'll be scrolling through in GT7 next year look downright beautiful. Polyphony has blended in a real, living background into the home menu for GT7.

GT home GT7
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WELCOME HOME: GT's new home menu is very easy on the eye

We don't know for sure, but we're going to go out on a limb and say that this environment's day and night cycle matches your own in real life. I.e. it'll be daytime in the GT home menu when it's daytime outside too.

What all of these icons mean isn't clear, but we can certainly take a guess at some. This includes the garage for the car and online multiplayer for the three people in the bottom-right.

Full livery maker

We don't know how many cars we're going to get in GT7, but we're going to hazard a guess at it being a lot. Either way, we'll be able to customise those cars like never before with GT's new livery editor. We only get a quick few seconds to see it, but this looks very promising.

GT7 Livery editor
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NOW, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! The new livery editor gives Photoshop a run for its money

You'll now be able to go to individual panels and sections and make paint colour changes as well as adding and moving logos and images. The possibilities here are absolutely endless, and your favourite rides will feel truly personal.

This includes both the logos of official sponsors as well as custom decals that you've made yourself.

More photo locations

Gran Turismo's depth in quality is such that it's not only one of the best racing simulators out there, but also one of the best experiences of taking photos of cars as well. That doesn't look like changing for GT7 either, as we got a very brief glimpse at some of the locations you'll be able to use in photo mode.

GT7 photo mode locations
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AROUND THE WORLD: You will not be short of locations to take pictures of your cars in GT7

Blink and you miss this, but the amount of locations revealed is huge and includes a lot we didn't have before.

Here's the list that we spotted:

  • Lower Manhatten
  • Tahiti
  • Madagascar
  • Morocco
  • Quebec, Canada
  • Copenhegan
  • Hakone, Izu (Fuji)
  • Aomori Museum of Art
  • Laguna Seca
  • Malta
  • Toshimaen
  • Aso Kuju
  • Puerto Rico
  • Iceland
  • Bruges
  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Iwate Museum of Art
  • Yaeyama & Miyako
  • Amsterdam
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Osanbashi - Yokohama
  • The Alps
  • Lingotto Factory
  • Spa-Francorchamps

Expensive cars & private sellers

There's something very satisfying about buying a new car. That goes for both real-life and in-game and GT7 will certainly satisfy your quench for expensive motors. Instead of cars all being available from the same garage, it looks as though GT7 may introduce private dealerships, such as Brighton Antiques, shown in the screenshot below.

GT7 car purchase
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This may be a way to gain access to more exclusive cars, or just a better deal that buying directly from the manufacturer. These rides do not come cheap though, with the Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster setting you back almost 100 million credits if you want to own it.

That's not a problem for this player though, as they have a cool 700 million in the bank. It certainly seems as though inflation has hit the economy of GT7 since we last saw it in GT Sport.

Circuits galore!

We saw a few tracks showcased in the photo mode, but we got to see even more when we hovered over Japan in the track selector screen.

GT7 Japan Australia circuits
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THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN: The home of GT and Polyphony has a lot of circuits to tear around

We've got a bunch of returning circuits here, both real-world and GT originals. On the real-life side of things, there's Autopolis, Suzuki, Fuji and Tsukuba. On the fictional, there's the Kyoto Driving Park, Tokyo Expressway, Broad Bean Raceway and the High Speed Ring.

In the bottom-right, we've also got Australia's Mount Panorama Circuit (Bathurst) confirmed for GT7.

There may be more tracks added for these regions before the full release of the game, but these will undoubtedly be in the game for launch day next year.

Full trailer

If you haven't seen the latest trailer for GT7, we've linked it below. We've finally got a release date as well, 4th March next year!

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