Best upgrades in Gran Turismo 7 for ANY car

Gran Turismo 7 is finally here along with the return of the Tuning Shop, but what are the best upgrades in Gran Turismo 7?

With more than 60 upgrades available in the Tuning Shop, and each one costing you some precious credits, it's important to get the best ones possible.

Thankfully, we've got the answers for you!

Best upgrades in Gran Turismo 7

Before you can start buying upgrades, you need to unlock the Tuning Shop! Thankfully this happens relatively early as you progress through the campaign.

By the time you hit Collector Level 5 all the levels of the Tuning Shop will be open to you, meaning you can go as crazy with upgrades you want.

However, these ones are what you should be spending your hard-earned credits on.

Weight reduction

The first thing you should do is the Weight Reduction: Stage 1 upgrade.

Stage 1 will add about 10 PP to your car. That doesn't sound like much, but it improves almost every aspect of your car. It improves power-to-weight ratio, letting you accelerate better, but it also makes cornering better and braking.

GT7 weight reduction
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There are a total of four weight reduction stages you can go through, with each one costing a bit more than the last. You should get the first one, and then if you intend to use the car further keep getting them.


The final upgrade you must get, and the most expensive, is the tyres.

As your only connection with the road, the type of tyre you have on your car is absolutely crucial. Each car starts with a set that is dependant on why kind of car it is. The very basic cars will start with Comfort tyres, some will have Sports or even Racing tyres. And these are the ones you should buy!

GT7 racing tyres
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Throwing Racing tyres onto a standard car is the surest way of making it into a beast of a car. Better grip means you can accelerate quicker, corner harder, and shorten your braking zones.

Racing tyres are very expensive, with a set of softs coming in around the 25-35,000 credit mark depending on the car you are upgrading, but they are well worth the price given the insane performance you can get from them.

The best part is that once you have bought them you'll get a fresh set for every race, so it's not like you'll have to replace them once they've worn out.

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