Gran Turismo 7: 5 original GT circuits we'd love to see return in GT7

Gran Turismo is generally regarded as one of the best racing simulator series of all time. GT is also the series that really kickstarting the genre when it made its debut on the original PlayStation almost 25 years ago.

With the potential for a lot of previously discontinued GT Original circuits to return in Gran Turismo 7, that got us thinking. What are the best tracks that Polyphony has created from scratch for a GT game? Here are five that we'd love to see make a comeback when GT7 launches next year!

Tahiti Road

Tahiti road gran turismo 2
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TROPICAL PARADISE: It'd be great to have this track back for variety's sake

We know that all of the content that was in Gran Turismo Sport will be transferred to GT7, and that includes the original circuits. So, we have to start with one that hasn't been seen in a very long time. Tahiti Road only made one appearance in the GT series, in GT2, but it left a lasting impression on us.

Tahiti Road is, unsurprisingly, located in Tahiti, an island in the Pacific Ocean. This makes it a tropical paradise and would be one of the few circuits from Oceania in GT7 if it was included. Tahiti looks great even with the PS1's basic graphics, so can you imagine how brilliant it would look on the PS5?

As for the circuit itself, it's a fairly simple and high-speed layout. There could perhaps be a change required with the circuit configuration, but as long as it keeps the same setting, we'd welcome Tahiti Road back into GT.

Tokyo Route 246

Gran turismo route 246
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TOKYO DRIFT: This route is not for the faint of heart

We know already that Japan has a lot of circuits, both original and real-world, that will feature in GT7. However, there is one in particular that we feel we need back in the series, and that's Tokyo Route 246. Route 246 was included in every GT title since GT3. That was until GT Sport missed out, so there's no guarantee it'll return for 7.

We believe that it would be a crying shame if this track didn't make a return next year, as it's one of our favourite street circuits in GT. It's extremely high-speed, but also quite tight to pass in places, making a lap around it a true thrill ride. Tokyo 246 is also based on real-world roads in the Japanese capital, so it's got the feeling of being a real track too.

Tearing around central Tokyo's roads at night in Japanese sports cars will be something we spend a lot of hours doing next year.

Citta di Aria

Citta di Aria gran turismo 4
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TIGHT, TWISTY, AND TERRIFYING: This is one of the most difficult tracks in GT history

This is a track not for the faint of heart, but those who played it know how good it was. The Citti di Aria circuit is located in Italy and utilises the roads of the real-world town of the same name. It's extremely tight but also fast, making this a huge challenge to get around in one piece.

Like a lot of the tracks on this list as well, the backdrop is very pretty too, if you dare to take a look at it while roaring around at over 150 mph. If you ever have the chance to play GT4, definitely give this track a go, it's addictively fun and extremely satisfying when you hook a good lap up.

Eiger Nordwand

Eiger Norwand gran turismo 5 1
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ALPINE DELIGHT: This track shows off one of the most beautiful vistas in the world

Another track that borrows from a real-world location is Eiger Nordwand. This picturesque circuit is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps and has got to be the most beautiful backdrop to any GT circuit, both real and fictional, ever.

Nordwand had a total of eight variations as well when it last appeared on GT6. These variations included both tarmac and dirt tracks, so there was plenty to try. There's nothing stopping Polyphony from expanding this, either. Perhaps including some winter/ snow stages, as that's something we didn't have any of in GT Sport.

Seattle Circuit

Seattle circuit updated gt
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RETURN OF THE KING: Could this be what the Seattle Circuit will look like on next-gen?

Ah, the rolling hills of the Seattle Circuit. It's been far too long since we last saw this incredible fictional circuit in GT. Although the Seattle Circuit was available in GT5, it was a hidden track, so not everybody got to experience it. The last time it was openly in a GT game was GT4.

Fans can agree that this is the best street circuit in GT history and one we'd love to see return. The Seattle Circuit is based off real-life roads in central Seattle, Washington, and is an absolute thrill ride.

The track has elevation changes that you'd expect from a San Francisco street circuit. These include both up and downhill, leading to cars flying in the air on the straights. The corners are challenging as well, as you often have to brake while turning. The track is also wide enough to pass on too, so overtaking isn't normally an issue.

At sunrise or sunset too, it looks magnificent. This is something that will be no doubt aided by the PS5 if it's included in GT7.

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