Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races 23 May: Super Formula adventure

It's Monday, which means Sport Mode is changing for the Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races 23 May!

A new trio of races is here for players to enjoy.

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Let's take a look at them.

Race A

Red Bull Ring - Short Track - 8 laps

The first race of the week puts players in the Gol VII GTI '14 for 8 laps around the short version of the Red Bull Ring.

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The 12-car field has a grid start and no worries over fuel consumption or tyre wear.

The race will be run on Sports Hard tyres and there is light mechanical damage, so don't get too physical trying to defend your position!

Race B

Monza - 5 laps

The second race puts you around Monza for 5 laps in Gr.3 cars, so grab your meta car and go racing.

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The 16-car field will have a formation start, so qualifying well is going to be vital. You'll be on the Racing Hard tyres with no concern over fuel consumption or tyre wear.

There is light mechanical damage so don't go risking too many divebombs into the chicanes!

Race C

Autopolis - 12 laps

The final race of the week takes us to Japan and the Autopolis International Racing Course for 12 laps in the Super Formula cars.

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While BoP is on, the two options (Toyota or Honda) are identical, so crack out your favourite F1 livery and let's go racing!

The race is on Racing Soft tyres, with just 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear to worry about and there is a grid start for the 16-car field.

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