Gran Turismo 7: Daytona gameplay shows off GT7's incredible graphics and sound

2022 may only be a few weeks old, but Gran Turismo fans know they're going to have a great year. Gran Turismo 7 is less than two months away and we can hardly contain our excitement.

The Real Driving Simulator will be making its debut on the PlayStation 5 as well as being available on the PS4 too. PlayStation Studios have dropped another gameplay video today and it's seriously impressive. Here's our breakdown and analysis!

Magnificent speed

We open up the gameplay and are thrust straight into the action. Daytona International Speedway is a circuit we knew would be in GT7, but to see it on the PS5 for the first time is something else. Daytona is the home to prestigious races such as the Daytona 24 hours, so seeing it at dusk like this isn't new, but boy does it look good.

We're in cockpit view and our driver is chasing down cars ahead of them, nearly revving out top gear in the process. We're hurtling along at over 270 kph (170 mph), but still have a rival in our rear-view mirror. The engine sound is magnificent, we're in a very high-powered sports car here.

Gran Turismo 7 Daytona
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RAPID: Daytona's home stretch is mesmeric

We hang it around the outside of one driver, before settling back in line as the setting sun flashes our eyes. We then fight with another rival and are pushed to the absolute limit to overtake, there's only just enough room for two cars to go side-by-side in the infield section.

You should notice that the frame rate is silky smooth and the AI are clearly much-improved from GT Sport. We then go back onto the banking to round out the lap, the slipstream here is powerful, but not even that will allow you to go three-wide, there's just not enough room nor grip.

How good is this gameplay?

It's no exaggeration to say that we're extremely pleased with this snippet from GT7. Even without headphones, you can sense how the 3D sound that will be available on headsets like the Pusle 3D will make this game sound epic. The sound design is brilliant, you really do feel as though you're there in the cockpit.

This only gets better when we went out of the cockpit for a replay of the same lap we watched. If we didn't know this was gameplay, we'd swear it was real. Add in features like the 4K graphics at 60 fps and you've already got one of the most technically impressive games ever made.

Gran Turismo 7
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STUNNING: This may not be the first GT7 gameplay we've seen, but it is some of the best

Even for those playing on PS4 will still get the best racing sim they've played. Features such as the huge selection of circuits and cars will not be watered down for PS4. So, GT7 will be very impressive, whichever system you're playing on.

Gran Turismo 7 release date

We've known the release date for Gran Turismo 7 for some time now. It's worth a reminder though, in case you forgot over new year. GT7 will launch 4th March 2022, as was confirmed in the game's PlayStation Showcase trailer from last year:

Full gameplay video

If you want to check out the full gameplay video for yourself, you can do so below:

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