Gran Turismo 7 File Size: Sony reveals download size for PS4 & PS5

Gamers are used to having chunky games taking up space on their hard drives, but the hope was that the Gran Turismo 7 file size wouldn't be too bad.

That hope was blown out of the water recently...

Gran Turismo 7 file size

You might have to start clearing some space on your hard drive, as the Gran Turismo 7 file size is a whopping 110 GB, and that's just the minimum!

This is nearly three times bigger than GT Sport was upon release. That game has since expanded from an initial 40 GB to around the 100 mark. With expected updates and new content throughout its life, GT7 could end up in the 150 GB range.

gt7 multi class
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That puts it in the realm of Call of Duty, and means that any pre-download before release is a must if you want to start playing on 4 March.

Cross-generational play

Gran Turismo 7 will be available on both PS4 and PS5.

This is the first cross-generational mainline game in more than a decade, and could well lead to the game being slightly watered down to allow the PS4 to run it without the kind of issues we saw in Cyberpunk 2077. But is that a good thing?

Well, it's certainly good for anyone that has been unable to get hold of a PS5 so far. There are about 12 million PS5's in the world, compared to the 120 million or so PS4's.

Clearly the market for a game's sales is bigger on PS4, but the gap in power between the original PS4 and the PS5 is so large that it is hard to make a game that runs well on PS4 and also fully utilised the PS5.

GT7 was originally planned as a PS5 exclusive, but with the supply of consoles limited, Polyphony & Sony made the decision to release the game on PS4 too.

We'll have to wait until release to see if Polyphony has pulled it off or not.

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