Gran Turismo 7 future updates promised already

Gran Turismo 7 is only just starting to unlock around the world for players, but Polyphony is already promising updates and extra content for players.

So what do these updates contain? Let's take a look!

Gran Turismo 7 updates

As ever, players should expect a Day 1 patch for Gran Turismo 7 when it unlocks in their region. This is the case with most games these days.

Don't expect the patch to add anything extra that wasn't detailed in reviews though.

However, the home menu of Gran Turismo 7 is currently showing a preview of upcoming updates for the game.

GT7 menu screen
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It's a promising sign. So what is Polyphony previewing? Let's see!

GT7 update preview

There's a good list of stuff here from Polyphony. "Additional content and improvements are planned to be added to Gran Turismo 7 with future updates" the page says. What are those pieces of content?

  • New courses
  • New cars
  • New World Circuit events
  • More Mission races
  • More Music Rally songs
  • New Lobby features
  • New Time Trials for Sport Mode
  • Improvements to the penalty algorithm and overall quality of online races

That's a wonderful list! With 34 locations and 424 cars GT7 isn't lacking for content, but it is a bit behind previous numbered versions when it comes to quantity.

GT7 fuji FUJI
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LOOKING ON: Mount Fuji looms over the circuit in Japan

Polyphony has focused on quality with GT7. As each circuit and car feels superb. Adding more is always a bonus though!

We hope to see more classic GT tracks like Apricot Hill appear in future updates, along with some more modern cars and one or two classics like the Caterham Seven.

Improvements to penalties and online play are always a winner too.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for Gran Turismo 7!

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