Gran Turismo 7 Missions: All the cars you can earn for FREE

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Gran Turismo 7 Missions are a great way of getting some diversity in your racing on the new GT7.

While your normal GT7 race involves multiple laps and picking your own car, the Missions put you in a specific car with a specific target. Be that knocking over cones or overtaking slower cars within a tight series of corners.


But what can you win for completing these Missions? Let's take a look!

Going for gold in Gran Turismo 7 Missions

Along with one-off prizes of credits for achieving Bronze, Silver, or Gold in each Mission, the set of challenges also comes with the most valuable rewards of all. Cars!

GT7 missions 1
MISSION ACCEPTED: They are only for the brave!

You get a car for achieving Bronze in each Mission, and a second for hitting Gold. In total there are 12 cars you can unlock through Missions.

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How to unlock Missions

Like almost everything in Gran Turismo 7, you can't just dive straight into Missions, you need to unlock them!


You will first unlock Missions by completing GT Cafe Menu Book No. 12. After that the first set, The Magic Mountain, will be available.

GT7 missions long
TEST YOURSELF: Some Missions are short, others are 30 laps long!

Then further Missions will unlock by increasing your Collector Level. Here's when you will unlock extra Mission sets.

  • Level 10 - Beyond The Horizon
  • Level 12 - Rolling Stone
  • Level 15 - Moby Dick
  • Level 17 - Gone With The Wind
  • Level 19 - The Sun Also Rises

So now that we know how to access the Missions, what can we get for beating them?

Missions rewards

Here's the full set of Missions reward cars that you can earn in Gran Turismo 7.

Mission Set Level Car
The Magic MountainBronzeVolkswagen Sambabus Type 2 '62
The Magic MountainGoldJeep Willys MB '45
Beyond The HorizonBronzeHonda Civic (FK8) Type R Limited Edition '20
Beyond The HorizonGoldMazda RX-7 (FC) GT-X '90
Rolling StoneBronzeFord Mustang Gr.4
Rolling StoneGoldChevrolet Corvette Gr.3
Moby DickBronzeToyota 86 Gr.4
Moby DickGoldEckert's Rod & Custom Mach Forty '12
Gone With The WindBronzeDodge Viper Gr.4
Gone With The WindGoldGran Turismo F1500T-A
The Sun Also RisesBronzeSubaru Falken Tires/Turn 14 Distribution BRZ '17
The Sun Also RisesGoldChaparral 2J '70

These 12 cars range from the very basic that you will struggle to get over 60 mph up to true racing beasts. The GT F1500T-A is a tricky single-seater while the Chaparral 2J '70 is only available through Legend Cars so you have to wait around to buy it!

To get all gold will take a lot of practice, skill, and luck. The grind is worth it if you want to complete your garage though!