Gran Turismo 7: New trailer shows off Willow Springs

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There are just DAYS until Gran Turismo 7 finally launches, and Sony isn't holding back with the trailers.

While we've seen a lot of tracks in various trailers, we haven't been given a full tour. Well, now we have.


Gran Turismo 7 gives us a lap of Willow Springs

In a trailer dubbed "Virtual to Reality" we get a lap of Big Willow in GT7, played next to a real life lap of the course

This highlights the incredible detail of Gran Turismo 7 and thrill-ride players can expect when they dive into the new game.

Check it out below!


With the new remix of Moon Over The Castle playing, we get to take a tour with Super GT and professional driver Dai Yoshihara around the Big Willow.

Sony has also put out a Story Video, alongside the gameplay comparison.


Gran Turismo 7 Countdown

The countdown is on to Gran Turismo 7, with just EIGHT DAYS to go until release.

RacingGames.GG has been given a review code for the game, and you will be able to read our full review of Gran Turismo 7 on 2 March, along with a review video on our YouTube channel.

Excitement for the return of a campaign mode is ramping up as players look forward to the first "mainline" Gran Turismo game in almost nine years.


Will you be getting the new game on release?