Gran Turismo 7 confirmed to be in development for PS4 & PS5

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It's been a long time since Gran Turismo 7 was announced.

When it was first uncovered by Polyphony and Sony it was strictly a PlayStation 5 exclusive, which made a lot of sense.

However, with the continued shortage of consoles on the market and a huge number of players sticking to their PS4 until it breaks, rumours had been flying that GT7 would be available on the PS4 too.

Well now we know it is...

Gran Turismo 7 on PS4

Back in June we got our first sense that GT7 could end up on the PS4 too. A comment from Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, on the official PlayStation Blog said they would look at PS4 versions of games "where it makes sense".

Now, it looks like they've decided it very much makes sense.

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EXCLUSIVE NO MORE?: Previous trailers maintained the exclusivity of GT7, but that could be gone now

A professional document referencing Gran Turismo 7‘s production process was revealed to GT Planet and reportedly clearly states the game’s source code is in development for both “PS4 and PS5”.

GT Planet has been unable to share the document but they do confirm its authenticity.

What does this mean for GT7?

Cross-gen games have been the norm since the new consoles launched in November last year, with only a handful of true next-gen exclusives.

The only features that have been exclusive to next-gen consoles in those cross-gen games are the performance modes and any DualSense controller feature support.

STILL WAITING: GT7 has been delayed into 2022
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STILL WAITING: GT7 has been delayed into 2022

For some then, this will be a worry. Will GT7 become "watered down" so that those on a 2014 PS4 can still run the game without it blowing up their console? Quite possibly. However, some games are breaking the mould a little. WRC 10 is offering separate PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, and while the contents are the same it suggests a big step up in performance for the newer machines.

GT7 could go down the same route when it finally arrives, hopefully early next year.

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