Gran Turismo 7 State of Play: Biggest reveals from presentation - GT Museum, weather, & more

We can't believe that it's just one month to go until Gran Turismo 7 launches. It's no exaggeration to say that GT7 is going to be one of the biggest games of the year and the most impact of the PS5's life cycle so far. We honestly believe that GT7 could be the best GT ever and the State of Play presentation last night got us even more hyped.

There was a lot included within the 32-minute video to unpack, but we've picked out some of the most important talking points from the presentation. With Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi guiding us through GT7's incredible features, we've got a lot to go off here.

Official car and track counts confirmed

To an extent, up until yesterday, the number of circuits and cars in GT7 was a mystery. We'd had bite-size chunks of information and small reveals fed to us, but for a while, we were largely in the dark. That was until Yamauchi confirmed that all of the tracks and cars from GT Sport would be included in GT7.

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EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE: GT7 will include every car and circuit from GT Sport

At that point, we'd knew we'd get at least 338 cars and 84 circuits from launch day. Polyphony didn't stop there though, as they've built on the foundations laid by GT Sport. The official count of cars is now at least 420, but we don't have an exact number yet. Don't expect it to be much more than 420 though, as Yamauchi stated there are "over 400 cars".

As for the tracks, we will have 97 which are situated in 34 locations around the world.

The best dynamic weather yet

Dynamic weather is something we sorely missed in GT Sport, but it has been confirmed to be back for GT7. Not only will rain be returning to the action, but it will also be doing so at most of the circuits in the game. While some will miss out, it's a lot better than the one we had in GT Sport.

Not only will rain be making a comeback, it will be more realistic than ever, with real-world weather systems being incorporated into GT7. Thanks to a new rain radar that can be shown in the bottom-right of the HUD, players will now be able to see weather systems before they arrive.

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CHOOSE YOUR LINE: Gran Turismo 7 will include the most realistic weather systems in racing gaming

In addition, rain can also be more intense at certain parts of the circuit than others. This means at larger circuits like Spa or the Nurburgring, it could be dry at one end of the track and soaking wet at the other, making tyre choices critical.

Real thought and effort has gone into the way which the track dries as well. Instead of the whole road drying at the same rates, areas which are on the racing line will now dry faster. Furthermore, sections which have a shadow cast over them or have puddles which dry slower than those that are not.

GT Museum

Gran Turismo 7 will very much be about the car and the car enthusiasts which will play the game. We got a glimpse of this in the GT Sport home menu, where significant events from in and outside of the automotive world are catalogued for the players.

Every car manufacturer included in the game from Abarth to Zagato will have a GT Museum section within their Grand Central car collection.

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A BLAST FROM THE PAST: GT7 will take the history lessons from GT Sport to another level

These museums go through every car company's history and how it shaped the cars that you can own and race in GT7.

Of course, for those that aren't interested, this is something that can be avoided. You'd definitely be missing out though, especially if you want to learn more about the history of cars.

Reaction video

There was so much to cover that was included within the 32-minute presentation that we couldn't cover it all here. Toby Hogg did just that though on our YouTube channel, so be sure to check the video out below for everything you may or may not have missed last night:

Full presentation

If you want to check out the full presentation for yourself though, the link to that video is below for you:

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