GT7 Weekly Challenges April 2024 Week 1

The McLaren F1 in Gran Turismo 7

The McLaren F1 in Gran Turismo 7

Following the surprise Update 1.45 earlier this week, a new set of Weekly Challenges has arrived in Gran Turismo 7. This week will take us through an American off-road race and a trio of European road car races before finishing up with a thrilling Japanese sports car challenge.

Let's take a look at everything you can win for racing this week.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges April 2024 Week 1

This week's challenges reward 300,000 credits and a five-star roulette ticket for completing all of the races.

If you win every races with a clean race bonus then you can haul in another 490,000 credits in prize money. A pretty good return for racing!

The Gran Turismo 7 Weekly challenges for 4 April 2024
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As always, you will need to have completed Cafe Menu Book 39 and watched the ending movie to access the Weekly Challenges.

Special Event

Colorado Springs - 2 laps

The first race is a wild one. This special event puts you in the Renault R4 GTL '85 and asks you to take it off-roading.

GT7 Weekly Challenge April 2024 week 1 special event
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With no PP limit you can tune up your tiny Renault into a total monster, but just remember that as it is off-road more power is not necessarily faster!

European Sunday Cup 500

Spa - 2 laps

You can cheese this race pretty easily and fly around the gorgeous Spar-Francorchamps.

GT7 Weekly Challenges Spa
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With any road car from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, or Austria available to you and no PP limit, you can take the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Lambo V12 VGT, or Ferrari FXX K '14 for a spin against Clios and Polos.

Nissan GT-R Cup

Dragon Trail - Gardens - 5 laps

As the name suggests, you need to be in a Skyline GT-R or Nissan GT-R for this race.

GT7 Skyline dragon trail
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There is also a PP limit of 700 but unless you have done a mad engine swap you won't be getting too close to that in your Skyline.

Schwarzwald League

Circuit de Sainte-Croix - B - 4 laps

This race limits you to Geman cars under 700 PP.

GT7 Weekly Challenges Sainte-Croix
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If you are brave and canny you can de-tune Gr.2 cars to that mark, but you might be better off working with a road car and fixing it up rather than stripping out power.

World Touring Car 900

Autopolis - 10 laps

Finally we have the big one, the World Touring Car 900 race that only recently came into the game.

GT7 Weekly Challenge World Touring Car 900 at Autopolis
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This race has an open field, with only the 900 PP limit restricting you. That means you can basically pick any car outside the OTT Tomahawks. We suggest the Gr.1 cars as their large fuel tank & downforce will see you through this race well enough.

There is rain here, so be sure you've got some intermediates for your car before you start the race otherwise you will be in trouble!

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