Turbocharged Triumphs: Dominate GT7's Weekly Races for Mega Rewards

The Dodge Tomahawk flying past a rival at Fuji in Gran Turismo 7

The Dodge Tomahawk flying past a rival at Fuji in Gran Turismo 7

The Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges have been a welcome addition to a game that otherwise lacks a lot of single-player content.

This week the game sets five races, including one Special Event, for players to conquer and collect some big rewards. While none of the races are all that challenging thanks to some lax rules, you can at least earn good money doing them!

GT7 Weekly Challenges June Week 2

This week's set of five races provides some serious rewards for players. If you win every race you can earn a shade over 1.1 million credits, which can go up to 1.3 million with a full set of clean race bonuses.

The Weekly Challenges for Gran Turismo 7 on 7 June featuring five races and the rewards you will get for completing one, three, and all five races.
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There are no roulette tickets this week, but with that seven-figure prize fund you can buy any engine swap you might want.

American FR Challenge 550

The first race this week asks you to take a USA-made FR road car around Laguna Seca for two laps.

American FR Challenge 550 race settings sheet
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The recommended PP limit is 550 but that's not a hard cap, so feel free to grab your fastest car that meets the US, FR requirements and just blast the competition away for a straightforward 15,000 credits with a clean race bonus.

Pickup Truck Race

If you thought the first race was easy wait 'til you get to this one. It's five laps of the Daytona oval in one of two pickups, the Toyota Tundra or the Ford F-150.

Pickup Truck Race in GT7 Weekly Challenges 7 June
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This straightforward race will start off with some careful slipstreaming to get to the front and then be about concentration as the last few laps are just at the front by yourself.

Race of Turbo Sportscars

Next up is a trip to the awkward Circuit de Sainte-Croix B layout for some turbo racing. Your car will need to be turbocharged and there is a hard cap of 700 PP here.

The race settings sheet for the Race of Turbo Sportscars in Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges 7 June
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If you have it then the Ferrari F40 '92 is a perfect choice for this race, it can be easily tuned down to 699 PP and will fly past your opponents in this four-lap race.

World Touring Car 600

We're finally getting to some serious stuff now. This race is five laps of the Nurburgring GP with the only limit being a hard cap of 600 PP.

The race settings for World Touring Car 600 at Nurburgring GP in Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges 7 June
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You will be against road cars so there is no need to do something drastic to a Gr.3 car or anything. You can safely take a Gr.4 or Gr.B car here and do very well.

Special Event

The final race this week is an excellent All Japan GT Car Championship at Fuji. The problem is there is NO limit to your car choice.

The Special Event All Japan GT Car Championship race in GT7 Weekly Challenges June 7
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You'll be up against Gr.3 machines for 10 laps but if you want to take a 1,000+ PP car like the SRT Tomahawk X VGT you can. It will obviously be trickier to get a clean race bonus with a brutal monster like a Tomahawk, but you'll reach the finish line faster than in anything else!

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