From Tokyo Streets to Nurburgring Beats: GT7's Thrilling Weekly Challenge is Back

The Jaguar XJR-9 '88 losing the rear end at the exit of the Nurburgring GP hairpin in Gran Turismo 7

The Jaguar XJR-9 '88 losing the rear end at the exit of the Nurburgring GP hairpin in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 update 1.48 has brought five new cars to GT7, one of which stars in the latest set of Weekly Challenges in the PlayStation racing game.

The new round of five races offers some good rewards and different challenges for players this week. You'll need to buy a new car and do some tuning to truly optimise your return this week.

GT7 Weekly Challenges May 2024 Week 5

This week's total rewards add up to 537,000 credits if you win every race, with even more available if you can claim clean race bonuses.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenge races for May 2024 Week 5
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There is also a six-star parts and six-star car roulette ticket up for grabs if you can complete all five events.

Japanese FR Challenge 450

The first event takes us to the wonderful High Speed Ring. Here you will need a Japanese road car with an FR drivetrain. The recommended PP is 450, but there is no limit so you can grab a Lexus LFA or supped-up Silvia and win with ease.

GT7 Weekly Challenges May Week 5 High Speed Ring race information
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There are only two laps, so don't crash, but this is definitely the easiest race of the week.

Lightweight K-Cup

This one is a bit trickier, as we head to Tokyo Expressway South Clockwise for a Kei Car race. You have a hard PP limit of 400, so you'll need to do some careful tuning to make this race simple.

GT7 Weekly Challenges May Week 5 Tokyo Expressway race information
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With a bit of ballast you can get a turbo-charged Cappuccino '91 to 399 PP and waltz to victory here, just keep it out of the barriers!

Special Event

This week's special features the new Volvo V40 T5 R-Design '13 (what a mouthful!).

GT7 Weekly Challenges May Week 5 Red Bull Ring race information
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You'll take this modern estate car for four laps of the Red Bull Ring with no PP limit or even tyre rules so can turn your new machine into an extremely OP car.

European Clubman 600

This race is two laps of the Nordschleife, which is a pretty daunting task. However, there's no hard PP limit so you can take any European road car, including the Ferrari VGT, for this race.

GT7 Weekly Challenges May Week 5 Nordschleife race information
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Even with one or two spins the length of track you have to race on here means you should win comfortably.

World Touring Car 900

We stay in Nurburg for the final race of the week but this time it is for 10 laps of the Nurburgring GP in 900 PP or less machines.

GT7 Weekly Challenges May Week 5 Nurburgring GP race information
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It's best to go for a Gr.1 car here or something truly special. The Porsche 919 Hybrid or a slightly ballasted Super Formula are both good choices here, but you can't really go wrong with your favorite Gr.1 beast.

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