Gran Turismo 7's latest trailer shows off all aspects of the game

With just days until launch, Sony & Polyphony is turning up the hype with regular trailers.

The latest bought together people from every aspect of the Gran Turismo 7 experience to discuss how realistic the game is, but also its place within automotive culture today.

Let's take a look.

GT Cafe

Titled GT Cafe, five automotive experts are bought together to discuss how their own niche of the car world is shown off in GT7.

You have Sung Kang as the collector, Toni Breidinger as the racer, then there is Jon Sibal a car designer, 13th Witness who is a photographer, and finally notable tuner Adam LZ.

These five different parts of car culture are all pulled together in Gran Turismo 7, with the player having to try their hand at each one.

Over its 25 years, Gran Turismo has been an entry point into all these aspects of the automotive world, and Gran Turismo 7 is a culmination and celebration of that journey.

From accurate track modelling and handling, to the way the cars appear on the track, each expert had a go at GT7 and was impressed with what they saw.

A stepping stone to a wider world

Racer Toni Breidinger sees Gran Turismo as a first step for people to get into racing, be that casually or building toward a competitive career.

GT7 Mercs
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Meanwhile tuner Adam LZ was impressed by the in-game explanations and educating around each different mod and upgrade. 13th Witness was blown away by the reality of the options, lighting, and visuals that the photography options have.

The trailer wraps up with the line "GT7 just celebrates what automotive culture is all about" and we couldn't agree more!

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