Gran Turismo 7: 7 things we want to see on the PS5 title

Fans of the Gran Turismo franchise await Gran Turismo 7 with bated breath.

Having waited over 3 years since the release of GT Sport, we're ready for a new game.

With the PS5 now out and GT7's release date hopefully imminent, it's time to get excited.

Let's take a look at 7 things we think Gran Turismo 7 should have!

Phenomenal Graphics

It goes without saying that new games come with the expectation of improved graphics.

RAY-TRACING: The PS5's improved hardware makes the game stunning
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RAY-TRACING: The PS5's improved hardware makes the game stunning

However, with the launch of Gran Turismo 7 happening after the PlayStation 5 release, we are hoping for a considerably more aesthetically pleasing Gran Turismo experience (maybe it IS time to fork out for a 4K TV after all…)

Fan-Favourite Tracks

Whatever GT Sport means to you, it goes without saying that it lost some of the Gran Turismo allure that we as fans have grown to love.

TRIAL MOUNTAIN: Who doesn't remember this famous corner?
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TRIAL MOUNTAIN: Who doesn't remember this famous corner?

With a considerably smaller content list than many other Gran Turismo games, we lost terrific tracks such as Deep Forest Raceway and Trial Mountain Circuit.

It would be phenomenal to see these greats, and more, make a return in glorious 4K HDR.

A Career Mode… No really, any Career Mode will do

Can you tell that we’re a tad bitter about GT Sport?

Regardless, Gran Turismo 7 seems set to provide the return of a fully-fledged career mode.

The announcement trailer even showcased a sneak-peak of a Gran Turismo 4-esque home screen.

Sensible Progression

At we’re fans of the simpler things in life.

So, for us, starting a career-based game mode with an Audi R8 LMS GT4 doesn’t quite fit the bill.

STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM: It'd be nice to have a real career mode in GT7
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STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM: It'd be nice to have a real career mode in GT7

Instead, the opportunity to experience the full plethora of cars available in Gran Turismo 7 thanks to a progression-based career mode is right up our street.

I want to start in a 1 litre Honda Jazz around Twin Ring Motegi and finish at Circuit de la Sarthe in a roaring Mazda 787b!

The Tuning Shop

Whilst it will never quite be Need for Speed: Underground 2, customisation in car games has often been essential for players to be able to put their own stamp on their wheels of choice.

With the confirmed return of a Tuning Parts Shop in Gran Turismo 7, we’re certain that the possibilities will be endless…

Cars… Lots of them!

Gran Turismo is a driving game, in which, you drive cars. So, it would be silly to not ask for more cars, surely?!

VARIETY: GT7 promises a plethora of vehicles
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VARIETY: GT7 promises a plethora of vehicles

The Gran Turismo franchise has always featured an extensive list of cars.

We hope the growth of cars seen continues, I really want my 1986 Mini Piccadilly!

No matter how this is achieved, we’re sure PD will not disappoint in this latest instalment.

Fierce and Fair Online Competition

Taking the final place on our Gran Turismo 7 wish list is an extensive online, multiplayer mode.

With the inclusion of an online multiplayer mode now commonplace across gaming, it would come as no surprise to see Gran Turismo follow suit again.

The inclusion of a points-based league, similar to a Ranked Play mode, sounds like a nifty little addition.

Not only would it make fans of the series want to succeed and reach the higher levels, it would also feature close racing with other drivers of a similar skill-level.

Our main hope is that someone does something to the penalty algorithm…

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