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Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races 20 September: Le Mans magic & Gr.3 dragons

The countdown to Gran Turismo 7 may have begun, but Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races are still providing plenty of action for drivers.

Table of Contents

This week sees

Race A

Autopolis International Racing Course - Shortcut Course - 6 laps

The first race of the week takes us to Autopolis for 6 laps in specially provided Gr.4 cars. You get the choice of the TT Cup, RCZ, Scirocco, and Megane.

gts autopolis
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The race is a grid start with medium racing tyres and fixed setups, giving everyone an equal shot at victory.

Race B

Dragon Trail - Seaside - 4 laps

Race B takes us to Dragon Trail in your favourite Gr.3 car!

With a rolling start on medium racing tyres it will be a tough battle through the tight chicanes of the Trail.

Race C

Circuit de la Sarthe - No chicane - 6 laps

It's time to hit Le Mans in Race C. Without chicanes, you'll want the fastest car in a straight line that you own from the Gr.1 set.

Gran Turismo Sport Circuit de la Sarthe 02
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This race has 9x tyre wear, 2x fuel consumption, and a rolling start. It's also got a mandatory pitstop as you have to use both soft and medium racing tyres.

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