Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races 25 October: Pacific dreams

As the days tick down to Gran Turismo 7, the Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races continue to provide good racing opportunities for drivers.

This week sees drivers head to three iconic circuits that will ask a lot from everyone. With limited overtaking chances and some tricky, technical corners there is going to be some chaos sprinkled into each race.

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Let's take a look at what is on offer this week!

Race A

Fuji International Speedway - 4 laps

The first race this week takes us to Fuji International Speedway!

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NO ROOM FOR ERROR: Fuji is a technical and tricky track

Competing in a specially provided car, drivers will have 4 laps to compete on Sports Soft tyres with no wear or fuel consumption to worry about. There will be a 12-car grid start, so the fast-starters can get a nice edge in this one.

There is also real off-track grip reduction and a weak slipstream to contend with.

Race B

Interlagos - 4 laps

it's a long trip across the Pacific for the next race, which is 4 laps of Interlagos.

Gran Turismo Sport Interlagos 01
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YOU KNOW ME: Every racer is familiar with Interlagos

This one is run in a Gr.4 car from your garage, with real slipstream and off-track grip reduction. However, there is no tyre wear or fuel consumption for this race.

You'll be on the Medium Racing tyres for a 16-car rolling start.

Race C

Laguna Seca - 14 laps

The final and longest race of the week is a 14 laps of Laguna Seca in your own Gr.3 car. This 20-car rolling start includes real slipstream and off-track grip reduction along with 2x fuel consumption and 4x tyre wear.

gran turismo laguna seca
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JUST SURVIVE: The Corkscrew is one of the hardest corners in the world

You'll be on the Hard Racing tyre and will have to make one pitstop, but only for another set of hards.

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