Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races 3 January: European tour

We're in a new year, but some of the traditions of 2021 have carried over. The first Monday of 2022 has yielded three great races to try out in Gran Turismo Sport.

Gran Turismo 7 is on the way, but Polyphony are still adding new races every week until its March release day.

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There are three races with three different cars in three countries in the first daily races of 2022. Here's the rundown!

Race A

Red Bull Ring (Short Track) - 7 laps

The short version of Austria's premium racing circuit hosts the first of these three races.

GT Sport Red Bull Ring
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HILLS ARE ALIVE: You go to the Austrian Alps for race one of this trio

You'll be provided with the KTM X-Bow R ’12 to race seven laps around the short track of the Red Bull Ring. You'll be on medium sport tyres and starting on the grid, with no fuel nor tyre usage enabled.

Race B

Autodrome Lago Maggiore (East) - 5 laps

Portugal's Autodrome Lago Maggiore's Eastern circuit makes up the middle round of this European tour.

Autodromo lago maggiore
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VIVE PORTUGAL: Portugal makes up leg two of this European tour

This one is run in a Gr.4 car from your garage, so what you use is up to you, but you have to provide it. You'll be on racing medium tyres and need to pass the 16-car grid after starting with a rolling start. Fuel and tyre use are both off.

Race C

Dragon Trail (Seaside) - 12 laps

The third and final race for this week is also the longest on the roster. You'll compete in a 12-lap race around the amazing Dragon Trail in Croatia.

Dragon Trail International Raceway
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BEAUTIFUL CROATIA: The last race in this run takes place in Croatia's Dragon Trail

The race is between Gr. 3 cars, and you'll again have to provide your own motor. You'll need to do a pit-stop as well, with you needing to run a set of racing soft and mediums throughout the race. Tyre wear will be multiplied by six and the fuel consumption rate is doubled, so you'll need to be careful if you want to go at full pelt.

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