Gran Turismo Sport: Red Bull's Beat The Pro returns!

While all eyes are on Gran Turismo 7, Gran Turismo Sport is still providing plenty of entertainment for racers.

The return of Red Bull's Beat The Pro is a welcome sight for those that love a good against-the-clock challenge. This time trial challenge is the third such event from Red Bull and is sure to be a tough one to beat.

Let's take a look at what players have to do to Beat The Pro!

Conquering Suzuka

With Red Bull's successful F1 partnership with Honda coming to an end after this season, the two brands are in celebration mode.

A special tribute livery is getting a showing at this week's Turkish Grand Prix and was undoubtedly originally planned for the now-cancelled Japanese Grand Prix. And now GT Sport is getting in on the act, taking players to Suzuka for the Beat The Pro challenge.

red bull beatthepro
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SHOW YOUR SPEED: Can you beat the Red Bull drivers?

The third Beat The Pro challenge will take place at Suzuka, with the coordinates in the above image being next to the first Degner corner of the famous old circuit.

The car, the opponent

Players will be racing in the Honda NSX Gr.3 race car against a reference time set by AlphaTauri rookie Yuki Tsunoda!

GT suzuka
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THE ROLLERCOASTER: Suzuka is a non-stop challenge for any driver

Judging by the related image we might get more times to beat from Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and Pirre Gasly too. There is also a special livery for the NSX, which might be a Red Bull design, an AlphaTauri design, or an NSX version of the special one-off livery that Red Bull is running in the Turkish Grand Prix.

When Beat The Pro starts

The challenge begins at 15:00 UTC (16:00 BST) on Wednesday, 6 October. The event appears alongside the weekly Time Trial challenges and players have until 14:59 UTC on Sunday, 24 October to set their time.

There are no special prizes being awarded, so it's only pride at stake. But who doesn't want to know they are faster than an F1 driver!

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