GT Sport Daily Races 9 August: Red Bull Ring, Lamborghini Countach, Monza, & more!

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GT Sport fans will once again be treated to some awesome new Daily Races.

As the wait for Gran Turismo 7 continues, some exciting racing is exactly what we as players need.

So, let’s take a look at these daily races now, and where players will be jetting off to for their laps!

Race A

For Race A this week you'll be heading to Sardegna Road Track C. This time you'll be racing on the circuit for 6 laps.

GT Sport Sardegna
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You’ll be racing here in a vehicle that is provided for you, and this week that is the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary '88. Slipstream is set to weak, and Off-track slowing is also set as low.

Both tyre use and fuel use are turned off for the race, so no worries there, and you'll be starting the race from a Grid Start. You'll also be racing on Sports Medium tyres.

Race B

For the second race this week, you’ll be racing at Red Bull Ring Short Track for 7 laps of action in the wet!

GT Sport red Bull Ring
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This time you’ll be in a Group 4 car of your own, and you’ll be racing it on Racing Heavy Wet tyres. You can make a stop for inters, but it's far slower to do so.

The race is a rolling start format, with both fuel use and tyre use being turned off again. You should be in for a good race here, just watch out for those low grip conditions.

Race C


Race C this week sees players setting off for 12 laps of awesome racing in Italy at the legendary Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

GT Sport Monza
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This time, you’ll be in a Group 1 garage car on Racing Medium. This means that you don't have to make a stop this week!

The race is a rolling start, with fuel use set at 2x and tyre use set to 8x. Make sure to make those tyres last, as you'll only have one compound you can use.

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