GT Sport Daily Races 10 January: Endurance week

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We're just two months away from Gran Turismo 7 finally arriving, but GT Sport is still providing plenty of entertainment.

This week's Daily Races are no different, with two iconic, and long, circuits making an appearance. They are sure to provide plenty of racing action.

Let's take a look at the trio of races that are up this week.

Race A

Circuit de la Sarthe - No Chicane - 1 lap

A single lap hardly sounds like it will take long. However, Le Mans' 8.43-mile course will take you a while to traverse in the specially provided Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo '91.

GT sport daily races 10 jan
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THE SLATE: Can you win them all?

The 12-car race will have a grid start and use Sports Hard tyres. With no fuel consumption or tyre wear to worry about it will all be about getting a good slipstream down the long straight. Even with weak slipstream enabled a good tow should see you into the lead.

Race B

Dragon Trail - Gardens II - 5 laps

The second race of the week takes us to Croatia & Dragon Trail for 5 laps in Gr.3 cars.

GT sport dragon trail
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BEAUTIFUL: Concentrate on the race, not the stunning scenery!

The 16-car race will have a rolling start and run on the Racing Medium tyre. With real slipstream and off-track traction loss, albeit no fuel consumption or tyre wear, it will be a tough race to win.

Race C

Nordschleife - 2 laps

The final race is the hardest of the lot. Two laps around the daunting Nordschleife in Gr.4 cars. While there is thankfully no mandatory pitstop, 25.88 racing miles await in this race.

gt sport nord
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TOUGH TEST: There is no harder race in Gran Turismo than pushing around the Nordschleife

There will be a 20-car field using a grid start, with false start check, to get this one underway. There is also 2x fuel consumption and 5x tyre wear for your Racing Hard tyres. With real slipstream and real reduced traction off-course winning this race will be a test of nerves as well as pace.

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