GT Sport Daily Races 13 December: Festive racing awaits

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As we race toward Christmas and the release of Gran Turismo 7 there is still plenty of epic racing to do thanks to the GT Sport Daily Races.

So what do racers have to look forward to this week? Let's take a look!


Race A

Kyoto Driving Park - Miyabi - 8 laps

The first race of the day is at the Kyoto Driving Park in a specially provided car. It will use a 12-car grid start on the Sports Hard tyres.


There is no fuel consumption or tyre wear, but also a weak slipstream and real off-course traction reduction.

Race B

Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow - 5 laps

Race B sees us take Gr.3 cars to the legendary Willow Springs for 5 laps.


There is a 16-car rolling start, with everyone starting on the Racing Medium tyres. There's no fuel consumption or tyre wear.

Gran Turismo Sport Willow Springs Big Willow

There will be real slipstream to help you get past, but don't get too risky on the brakes as there is real off-course traction loss too.

Race C

Brands Hatch - Grand Prix Circuit - 13 laps


From one iconic track to another, we're off to Brands Hatch with Gr.4 cars for Race C.

Brands Hatch Indy Gr3 03 1465878816

The racing will be on the Racing Medium tyres, though there is a mandatory pitstop in this race.

The 20-car field will use a rolling start and there will be real slipstream and off-course traction loss. There is also 2x fuel consumption and 6x tyre wear.