GT Sport Daily Races: Honda, Red Bull Ring, Suzuka Circuit & more!

A new week means one thing for GT Sport fans, a new set of Daily Races for players to tackle.

This week we've got a rather one-make affair, well, if you wish to make it so.

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So, let's take a look at what's in store for you this week on GT Sport as we wait for Gran Turismo 7!

Race A

For Race A you'll be using a Honda Civic (EK) Type R '98 or a Honda Integra (DC2), which will be provided for you.

GT Sport EK
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GET STARTED: This '98 Type R or an Integra will kick off your Japanese week!

You'll be at the Red Bull Ring for a total of 4 laps, and both fuel use and tyre use are turned off.

Finally, it'll be a grid start, not a rolling start, and you'll be using some Sports Medium tyres.

Race B

For this second Daily Race of the week you'll be at the Kyoto Driving Park, the Yamagiwa variant, for a 4 lap race.

GT Sport Gr. 3 1
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GROUP 3: These vehicles mean business, even if they look road ready!

You'll be using a Gr. 3 garage car of your choice, and with a Honda NSX available to you, you can make all three races a Honda affair.

You'll be using racing medium tyres this time, and with fuel and tyre use turned off, you'll have a rolling start to your race.

Race C

Finally, your endurance style race this week will be at Suzuka circuit, where you'll be racing for 11 laps.

GT Sport sf 19
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FORMULA STYLE: This Honda-powered track machine is ready to race!

This Formula style car uses a Honda power unit, keeping in-line with the all-Japanese manufacturer trend. You have to use Racing Medium and Soft tyres this time, so one stop is mandatory.

You'll be starting with a grid start that has a false start check, and fuel use set at 2x and tyre use at 8x.

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