GT Sport Daily Races: New Races, Monza, Laguna Seca & more!

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A new week means one thing for Gran Turismo Sport players, some new Daily Races to take part in.

This week, you'll be taking in the sights at a variety of locations.

So, let's take a look at where this week's Daily Races will be taking you, and what you'll be driving in!

Race A

For Race A, you'll be heading off to Monza for a incredibly fun race. You'll be racing here for 3 laps.

GT Sport Monza 1
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TURN ONE WOES: We all know how this first corner goes!

You'll be driving the track in a Renault Sport Clio V6 24V. This will be provided to you, so don't worry about rushing to the shop to buy one!

You'll be using Sports Medium tyres, so you shouldn't have many worries for grip in the high-octane race.

Race B

This time, you'll be off to Kent in the UK. That's right, Race B takes place at the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit.

GT Sport Gr. 3 1
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RACE MODE: Group 3 vehicles are built for speed!

This time, however, you'll be using a garage car. This garage car must be a Gr. 3 vehicle, and you'll be using it on Racing Medium tyres.

You'll be here for 5 laps, so once again, we don't envisage any grip issues once the tyres are nice and warm!

Race C


Finally, you'll be in California, racing at the world-renowned Laguna Seca raceway.

GT Sport Gr. 4 1
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GROUP 4: This Group contains some serious racing machinery!

Here, you'll be racing in a Gr.4 vehicle of your choice. The length of the event may make the typical FWD choice slightly different.

Instead, you may see many opting for an MR choice. The lightweight Cayman GT4 and Megan Trophy are likely choices.

With the Racing Medium tyres and 6x tyre use, the 13 lap race may require a pit strategy for those that opt for a FWD option.

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