GT Sport Daily Races: Real-World racing, Willow Springs & more!

GT Sport has its last set of Daily Races this week as we eagerly await the release of Gran Turismo 7.

This week, it seems the game is getting rather real with us, and we can't wait to get stuck in.

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Let's take a look at where you will be racing this week, and what cars you will be taking for a spin!

Race A

We're off to California this time for Race A, to the edge of the Mojave desert at the world renowned Willow Springs circuit.

GT Sport Willow Springs
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DESERT DRIVES: You'll be at Willows Springs for Race A!

You'll be using one of two Porsches. One is the 2009 911 GT3 and the other is the 1995 Carrera RS Club Sport.

To help make up for the 14 year age difference between the vehicles, there is some Balance of Performance. Similarly, there is also a unique tuning preset for each car, so just get racing!

You'll be there for four laps, so make sure you're on your A game!

Race B

For Race B you'll be off to Austria's Red Bull Ring in a selection of Gr.3 cars.

GT Sport red Bull Ring
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RED BULL RING: Get ready for 5 laps in Austria!

It will need to be one that you own, so any Gr.3 garage car that you have at your disposal!

The race is five laps long and on Racing Hard tyres, so watch out for those first couple of laps!

Race C

Race C takes place at a circuit we all know very well, the Nurburgring 24h for 2 laps.

GT Sport Nurburgring
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NURBURGRING: You'll be here for 2 unforgiving laps!

You'll be there in any Gr.4 car that you own already, and on Racing Hard tyres.

There will also be 2x Fuel Use and 5x Tyre use to be careful with the way in which you approach that first lap.

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