GT Sport Daily Races: Tsukuba, Mount Panorama, & more!

For Gran Turismo fans, a new week means a new opportunity to prove themselves in some new races.

With the new Daily Races already live in the game, let's not waste any more time.

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So, here are the three new daily races for players to enjoy this week!

Race A

Race A this week is a one make, all Japanese affair (even if the track is in fact fictional).

GT Sport Kyoto
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KYOTO PARK: There are a number of circuits here!

Players will be taken off to Kyoto Driving Park - Miyabi for a whopping 8 laps. Obviously, the track is incredibly short, so it won't actually feel like a whopping race at all!

You'll be racing on Sports Medium tyres in a Mazda Roadster Touring Car, perfectly suited to the nature of this track.

Finally, both fuel use and tyre use are turned off. This is unsurprising given the length of the race.

Race B

For Race B you'll be in Japan once again, however, this time you'll be starting your race at the Tsukuba circuit.

GT Sport GR.4 Veyron
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GROUP 4: The Veyron is a Gr.4 weapon on the track!

You'll be using a Gr.4 garage car, so one that you own, but be warned before jumping straight into your favourite FWD hack. These vehicles sometimes struggle with the short straights at the time attack circuit.

You'll be at Tsukuba for 8 laps again, although you'll be using some Racing Medium tyres this time. Once again, both fuel use and tyre use are turned off!

Race C

Finally, Race C this week is our endurance affair again, despite Race B also being a whopping 8 laps. You'll be racing at Mount Panorama.

GT Sport Gr. 3 Mustang
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GROUP 3: These really blur the line between all-out racer and ready for the road!

Once again you'll be using a car that you own, which this time is a Gr.3 car. This is simply Gran Turismo's equivalent to GT3 racers.

You must use Racing Medium and Racing Soft tyres, which makes one stop mandatory. Failure to do so will result in a one-minute penalty. Fuel use is at 2x and Tyre use is set at 7x.

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