GT Sport: Daily Races update - One Lap Wonder, Toyota GR Yaris & more!

GT Sport has received three new daily races for us to take part in.

This time, there's an interesting mixup in the races you'll be completing.

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Let's take a look at the three races you'll be doing now!

Race A

This time, Race A seems to be to the most interesting of the bunch.

You'll be jetting off to France for a single lap of Circuit de le Sarthe in a Toyota.

Gt Sport Daily Races 14 12
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CHOICES: You'll have these races for one week again!

No, not that Toyota. Instead, you'll be in the new Yaris GR, the car designed entirely to be used as a base for the World Rally Championship.

As aforementioned, you'll have just one lap to make your charge to the front, or defend your position down the long back straight.

Race B

Race B seems to disguise itself as a standard Daily Race, but it's anything but when you dig deeper.

GT Sport East Inner Loop
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NEW SETTING: The East Inner Loop is not often seen!

You'll be able to use any Gr.3 vehicle of your choice, and you'll be doing so in Japan at a Tokyo Expressway city circuit.

However, you'll be racing on Inner Loop of the East Course, which is in reverse to the normal version.

Many racers will be out of practice on this circuit, so beware out there!

Race C

Race C, often the most difficult, is the most simple this time around.

GT Sport Fuji Speedway
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MEMORY LANE: Fuji Speedway is a true classic!

This will be a glorious trip down Gran Turismo memory lane, as you'll be at Fuji Speedway.

You'll be in any of the Gr.2 cars that are Super GT, using Racing medium tyres and 5x tyre wear.

We definitely recommend going with any of the vehicles from 2016, as they are often a fair bit quicker than their older counterparts.

There will be just 13 laps, so be sure to keep your eyes on the road and your head in the game!

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