GT Sport: Daily Races updated, Kyoto Driving Park & more!

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The latest daily races have arrived in GT Sport, and they're an eclectic mix.

With a very diverse range of pace on offer, as well as tracks, they're is something for everyone.

So, let's take a look at the daily races now!

Daily Races Cars

As aforementioned, the cars are an eclectic mix this time.

Firstly, you'll be tackling one of three B-segment vehicles. These are the Honda Fit, Mazda Demio and Suzuki Swift.

GT Sport Daily Races
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DAILY RACES: These are this week's three daily races

Next, you'll be in charge of a manner of Gr.4 machinery. These are garage cars, so you'll need to own one to compete.

Finally, using a car that you own once again, you'll be using a Gr.3 vehicle of your choice.

Daily Races Tracks

The tracks seem to match the car that you'll be using.

GT Sport Mount Panorama
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AUSSIE RULES: You'll be jetting off to Australia for one of the races!

For your micro Suzuki Swift style race you'll be at the fictional Kyoto Driving Park. This is a tiny track, and you'll be there for 7 laps.

The next will be Mount Panorama. The infamous Australian circuit will make an awesome track for your Gr.4 vehicle.

Finally, you'll be off to Laguna Seca for 13 laps. For this race, fuel use is at 2x and tyre wear is at 10x.


As such, we recommend conserving those Racing Hards for the last couple of laps as the corkscrew can get a little scary!

GT Sport Gr3 Cars
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GROUP 3: These cars are loosely based on road vehicles!

These races will run through to December 14 before they're replaced, so race while you can!

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