GT Sport: New Daily Races in the New Year, Monza, Interlagos & more!

As we make our way into the new year, we've been given some new races on GT Sport.

We'll be visiting some real life racing legendary locations this week, in some awesome vehicles.

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Let's take a look at where we'll be racing this week, and what we'll be using!

Race A

Race A will be taking us to Tokyo for four laps, at the Tokyo Expressway South course.

GT Sport Gr.4
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GROUP 4: These feature an eclectic mix of cars!

You'll be using Gr.4 cars which are provided for you, so you don't have to own them yourself.

These cars will be the Audi TT, Peugeot RCZ, Renault Sport Megane and Volkswagen Scirocco. Each of them is front-wheel drive, so get some practice in now!

Race B

For Race B you'll be somewhere very familiar, the 'Temple of Speed' that is Monza in Italy.

GT Sport Monza
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MONZA: The Temple of Speed will host you for four laps!

Whilst the race will be four laps again, you'll be allowed to pick the vehicle that you race in this time, but it has to be Gr.4 again.

The only truly viable vehicle for this is the Bugatti Veyron Gr.4, as it easily outperforms the rest of the Gr.4 cars available to players.

Race C

For this race, you'll be using some slightly scarier machinery in the form of Gr.3 race cars. Rear-wheel drive and very loosely based on road cars, you'll be in for a treat.

GT Sport Interlagos
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INTERLAGOS: You'll be here for 13 grueling laps!

The host for Race C this week is Interlagos, and you'll be going round it 13 times. You will also have to use both sets of tyres allowed, so make sure to hit the pits.

These races will be in place until Monday 11 January 2021, so be sure to get racing now!

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