GT Sport: New Daily Races, Nissan, Barcelona, Gr. 2 & more!

As GT Sport fans, we eagerly await each Monday for some new Daily Races content.

This Monday is no different, as three new races have been released for us to go out and master.

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Let's take a look at these races now, and where you can expect to be racing this week!

Race A

This first race this week takes you to none other than the fictional Blue Moon Bay Speedway.

GT Sport Blue Moon Infield A
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GET RACING: Infield A at Blue Moon Speedway is your first circuit!

Thankfully, you won't be going round and round in circles this time. Instead, you'll be racing on the Infield A variant for 5 laps.

There are 3 provided cars from which you can choose; the GT Sport Greddy Fugu Z, the Fairlady Z 300ZX and the Fairlady Z (Z33).

You'll be using Sports Hard tyres for the 5 laps, so grip should be fine!

Race B

For this one you'll be heading to Barcelona's very own Formula One circuit, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

GT Sport Gr. 3
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A SPEEDY SPIN: Group 3 cars can be an absolute handful!

You'll be there for 4 laps, and using a Gr.3 car that you own. That's right, anyone you want to!

The tyres this time will be racing hards, but once again, we don't envisage any issues for yourselves in terms of grip.

Race C

Finally, for the final race of the second week in 2021, you'll be off to Dragon Tail - Seaside for a gruelling 13 lap race.

GT Sport Gr. 2
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RACING BEASTS: These Group 2 cars mean business!

Once again, you'll be using a garage car, however, you're restricted to picking a Super GT Honda, Lexus or Nissan from 2008 or 2016.

Once you have picked, you'll have to use both the Racing Hard and Racing Medium tyres. This means that pit and tyre strategy may come into play.

With neither tyre projected to last on 7x tyre wear, we may see a number of different strategies emerge. Similarly, fuel wear is set at 2x for the race, so watch that guage!

These races will run until January 18, when they will then be replaced.

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