GT Sport Time Trials: Nurburgring, Tomahawk X VGT & more!

We have two new Time Trials to sink our teeth into in GT Sport for the next two weeks.

We recommend preparing yourself for the next 14 days of time trial action, as they're kind of terrifying...

So, lets jump into which two Time Trial events you've got to take part in this week, as the wait for Gran Turismo 7 continues!

Tomahawk X VGT Super Lap

You may need a couple of pairs of boxers for this, due to the car and track combination.

GT Sport Tomahawk
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A HANDFUL: The Tomahawk is a different kind of beast!

Firstly, you'll be at the Nordschleife, a track known for its unforgiving nature, and one that we've all wasted plenty of time on trying to master.

To round this off, you'll be in one of the Vision GT cars. The Dodge SRT Tomahawk X Vision GT will be your wheels for the lap around the Nurburgring.

The car boasts an eye-watering 2,100hp all to the rear wheels, so it is a handful. BOP is on, and you'll be on Racing Soft tyres with fixed settings.

Gr.4 Super Lap

The other Time Trial this week is a slightly more standard affair, and will be taking you to Brands Hatch Indy Circuit.

GT Sport GR.4 Veyron
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BUGATTI TIME: The Veyron has a Gr.4 vehicle for you to use!

You'll be here in a GR.4 car that you own, and you'll be using Sports Hard tyres for your fastest lap time.

The difference this time is that the settings are adjustable. As such, you can setup your car how you wish. With plenty of cars on offer from standard front-wheel drive options to The Bugatti Veyron.

Time Trials

The Time Trials will run for 2 weeks, as per usual, and so will be changed on February 11.

GT Sport Nurburgring 1
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GREEN HELL: The Nurburgring is difficult at the best of times!

Furthermore, remember that these Time Trial events are global, so you'll be placed on a global leaderboard.

For those with something to prove, this is your chance to see how you stack up in the world rankings!

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