GT7 Daily Races 12 December: Mini tuning challenge

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Monday brings a new trio of Sport Mode races, it's the GT7 Daily Races 12 December!

This week takes us to Glorious Goodwood and the legendary Le Mans to do battle.


Race A

Goodwood Motor Circuit - 4 laps

This weeks unranked is set to be a tuning challenge! You will be in the Mini-Cooper S '65 for four laps of Goodwood but with PP limit of 350.

GT7 Daily Races 12 December Race A

Everything is open to you apart from Nitrous, so get testing and see how fast you can make your Mini while staying under 350 PP!

Outside of that, you will have 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear, along with light mechanical damage. There are also light shortcut penalties, along with collision penalties.

Race B

Kyoto - Yamagiwa+Miyabi Reverse - 3 laps


The first ranked race of the week takes us to the longest Kyoto layout and perhaps the trickiest too. You will be in Gr.4 cars for three laps of this track.

Players will be on the Racing Hard tyre, with 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear.

GT7 Daily Races 12 December Race B

A mid-speed BoP will be applied, and of course DR and SR are both affected by this race.

Light mechanical damage is on, along with light shortcut penalties and collision penalties.

Race C

Le Mans - 5 laps

The final race of the week is a brilliant one as we head to the Circuit de la Sarthe for five laps in Gr.1 cars.

You will be on the Racing Medium tyre, and while there is no mandatory pitstop there is 7x fuel consumption and 4x tyre wear to battle with.

GT7 Daily Races 12 December Race C

A high-speed BoP will be applied, and there is light mechanical damage for this race.

Light shortcut penalties and collision penalties are both on, and if you do pit then be aware there is a pit lane line cutting penalty too.

Update 1.27

The December update is coming early, and Kaz has teased Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.27 already!


Five cars will be landing in Gran Turismo 7, including the first-ever Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo car.

We have identified the other four, and they should all arrive on Thursday 15 December.

There will be the usual list of bug fixes and hopefully some new world events or Menu Books too!