GT7 Daily Races 13 June: Lances up

It's Monday, which means the Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races 13 June are here!

A new set of races is live for everyone to enjoy. This includes the unranked Race A and two fully ranked other races.

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Let's take a look at where you'll be testing your skills this week.

Race A

Sardegna - Windmills - 4 laps

We are going off road for what is sure to be a chaotic unranked race in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final '15 at Sardegna Windmills.

This four laps race is obviously on dirt tyres, and has 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear.

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While your DR and SR are not impacted, there is still light penalties for corner shortcuts, and also light mechanical damage to keep in mind.

Race B

Trial Mountain - Reverse - 4 laps

The first of the ranked races this week is four laps the wrong way around Trial Mountain in Gr.4 cars.

You'll be on the Racing Hard tyre and there is 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear.

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There will be light shortcut penalties and light mechanical damage.

There seems to be a good balance between the GT-R and WRX in Gr.4 right now, so either of those is a good option.

Race C

Suzuka Circuit - 10 laps

The final race this week is a Gr.3 test at Suzuka.

You'll be on the Racing Medium tyre, but with 6x fuel consumption and 5x tyre wear a pitstop is likely, though not mandatory.

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There are light shortcut penalties and mechanical damage for this race.

Current qualifying rankings have the Corvette C7 as the go-to car, but that may change later in the week and the WRX may once again dominate.

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