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GT7 Daily Races 14 November: Polyphony continues with new formula

The racing doesn't stop even as the nights draw in thanks to GT7 Daily Races 14 November.

Table of Contents

This trio of races is following the recent formula from Polyphony, which has led to some very entertaining battles in Gran Turismo 7.

Race A

Tokyo Expressway - East Clockwise - 4 laps

The unranked race this week is once again all about tuning road cars. The 4 laps of Tokyo Expressway can be done in any road car as long as it is under 345 BHP and weighs at least 1,000 kg.

You'll be on the Sports Medium tyre for this one, with 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear.

GT7 Daily Races 14 November Race A
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Early leaderboards show tuning the Ferrari F40 to be a particularly good option.

As usual, DR and SR will be unaffected by this race. There is light mechanical damage and light shortcut penalties, as well as collision penalties

Race B

Lago Maggiore - West - 6 laps

The first ranked race this week is a Gr.4 blast around the West course of Lago Maggiore.

The 6-lap race will be on Racing Hard tyers, with a mid-speed BoP in effect.

GT7 Daily Races 14 november Race B
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There is 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear, along with light mechanical damage and shortcut penalties. There are also collision penalties as well.

Race C

Spa-Francorchamps - 8 laps

We've got another strong Race C this week as we head to Spa in Gr.3 cars.

Drivers will have to use both the Racing Medium and Soft compounds in this race, with a 7x tyre wear rate also causing some issues.

GT7 Daily Races 14 November Race C
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A high-speed BoP will be applied to your car, and there are the usual light mechanical damage, light corner cut penalties, and collision penalties.

You will also have to stay attentive at the pitstop as there are penalties for cutting the pit lane line.

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