GT7 Daily Races 19 December: Globetrotting

A new week means one thing, we've got a new trio GT7 Daily Races for 19 December!

This new set of Sport Mode races takes us around the world, as we visit three different continents.

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Let's not wait around, let's see what we've got in store this week!

Race A

Daytona - Tri-oval - 7 laps

The first race on offer takes us to the mighty Daytona International Speedway. The famous tri-oval layout is what awaits you, and you'll need to take on seven laps in a 12-car race.

Players will need to compete in the 2020 Corvette C8 on Sports tyres. It'll be a rolling start and both tyre wear and fuel consumption are at normal speed.

GT7 Daily Races 19 December Race A
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A high-speed BoP will be applied, but you'll all be in the same car, so this won't change much. The track limits are set to normal, with light shortcut penalties and collision penalties both on.

Race B

Circuit de Sainte-Croix - A - 2 laps

Next up we head to Europe and France for the Circuit de Sainte-Croix. This is a two-lap Group 4 race in a field of 16 cars.

You'll get off to a rolling start and be using race tyres. The fuel consumption and tyre wear rates will both be set to 1x, so there's nothing to fear here.

GT7 Daily Races 19 December Race B
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A mid-speed BoP will be applied to your car and there is light mechanical damage for this race. There are also light shortcut penalties and collision penalties too.

Your car settings will be set to a spec to balance the field out further.

Race C

Suzuka Circuit - 10 laps

Last but definitely not least, we head to Gran Turismo's homeland, Japan. The sensational Suzuka Circuit hosts the last of the daily races and it's a huge challenge if you're up for it.

You'll be competing in Gr.3 cars for this one, with both the Racing Medium and Soft needing to be used. You'll be needing to stop in this ten-lap race, as fuel consumption is turned up to 2x and tyre wear cranked up to 7x.

GT7 Daily Races 19 December Race C
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A mid-speed BoP will be applied to your car and the car settings are restricted to a spec. There is also light mechanical damage and light shortcut and collision penalties for this race.

Lastly, there are penalties applied for cutting the pit lane line, so be careful not to throw it away on exit!

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