GT7 Daily Races 20 June: Great Lakes

Monday is here and with it a trio of new GT7 Daily Races.

This week sees some excellent creations that you'll want to race again and again.

Let's take a look at what Sport Mode has to offer this week!

Race A

Laguna Seca - 5 laps

The unranked race this week is a 5-lap blast around Laguna Seca in road cars that are under 450 PP.

Players will be on the Comfort Soft tyres with both wide body and nitrous being prohibited.

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The 12-car field will be under a rolling start with 1x fuel consumption and tyre wear.

There is BoP, so we'll have to wait and see what the meta car is for this race.

There is also light mechanical damage and light shortcut penalties.

Race B

Spa-Francorchamps - 5 laps

Race B is a Gr.3 blast around the Ardennes forest.

The 16-car field will be on the Racing Hard tyres and use a rolling start.

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There is 7x fuel consumption and 1x tyre wear, so avoiding a pitstop will be massive.

There is also light mechanical damage and light shortcut penalties.

Race C

Autodrome Lago Maggiore - Full Course - 9 laps

The final race of the week is set to be an awesome test. Players will be taking Gr.4 cars around the full course of Autodrome Lago Maggiore for 9 laps.

There is 7x fuel consumption and 12x tyre wear in this one, with a required tyre type of Racing Soft, but you can also throw on the Racing Hard.

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There is no mandatory pitstop but you'll never get the softs all the way through this race, so timing your pitstop just right will be crucial.

The 16-car field will use a rolling start, and there is light mechanical damage and light shortcut penalties.

Update 1.17

A new update for Gran Turismo 7 is on its way. Update 1.17 will arrive this week with a trio of new cars.

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That's all we know so far, but we hope that the selling cars mechanic will finally be introduced, and hopefully there will be some new events and even a fresh track to go racing on.

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