How many cars will Gran Turismo 7 have?

It sounds obvious, but you can't have a racing game without cars. Whether the game is sporting real-life motors, or something made up, you need vehicles to race in. Gran Turismo has always boasted one of the most-extensive array of real-life cars of any racing simulator.

With Gran Turismo 7 just on the horizon, we're taking a look at how many cars we can expect on launch day.

All GT Sport cars will be in GT7

Details surrounding GT7 were scarce after the game was revealed around 18 months ago. However, since we got an official release date for GT7, the details have been flying in. One of the biggest announcements came from the Polyphony CEO himself.

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MOVING FORWARD: All cars from GT Sport will be in GT7

Kazunori Yamauchi stated back in September that "Gran Turismo 7 will contain everything that was in GT Sport". There is nothing that's open to interpretation there, as he clearly says that GT7 will have all of the cars and tracks that are in GT Sport now.

As for the cars, there are 338 at the time of writing in GT Sport. There's going to be a lot more than that in GT7 though, as plenty extra have been confirmed. This includes the incredible GT Concept car, the Porsche Vision GT. The total amount of confirmed cars for Gran Turismo 7 now stands at over 420, but is that the most we've ever seen from GT?

Will GT7 break the car total record?

Sadly, this doesn't look like it'll be possible. GT6 currently holds the record, with a mammoth 1,247. However, this was a case of quantity over quality, as only 388 of these were classified as "premium" cars. Premium cars had HD renders of the exterior and interior and even sounded more authentic.

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HIGHEST PEAK: GT6 currently holds the record for most cars in a GT game

"Standard" cars, which made up the bulk of the numbers, did not have these details, and were therefore more akin to what we saw from car models in GT's from the PS2 era.

GT7 will have the highest number of premium cars ever in a GT, that has been confirmed. So, in a sense, GT7 will break the record for this upon launch. From there, the totals will only ever go up, as with post-launch updates, this number will likely rise.

Full GT7 car list

For a complete list of every car that has been confirmed for GT7, head over to our full car list article.

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