How to change camera angle in Gran Turismo Sport

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Choosing the correct camera angle for racing in Gran Turismo Sport is key to success in the game. Every driver is different and opting for the best one gives you the best chance of being fast.

So, how do you choose your camera angle? And which one is best? We've got everything you need to know right here!


Find out your controls

Which button is used for changing camera angle depends on your controller settings. GT Sport has a variety of options when it comes to your controller settings. In theory, you can set any button as the camera angle change, but it'll most likely be R1.

Gran Turismo Sport change camera angle

To change your "change view" settings, go to GT Sport's main menu and select the GT button using "X" on the controller. Then, enter "Options" and cycle to the "Controllers" settings by pressing R1. Depending on whether you're using a wheel or controller pad, select the appropriate device.

Gran Turismo Sport change camera angle 2

Once you're in, go over to whichever button you want to use to change the camera angle and select "change view" from the drop-down menu. Then, when you're in the car, the game will cycle through the camera angles whenever you press that button.

Which camera angle is best?

There are generally four different driving camera angles available in GT Sport. Which one you prefer will depend on your driving style and sometimes the car you're driving. Check out some screenshots of them below:

Gran Turismo Sport change camera angle 3
Helmet/POV Camera
Gran Turismo Sport change camera angle 4
Hood/ bonnet cam
Gran Turismo Sport change camera angle 5
Third person/ follow cam
Gran Turismo Sport change camera angle 6
Front camera

For us, the helmet cam is the best on offer in GT Sport. Not only is the most realistic, but it's also a good viewpoint as you can see the boundaries of your car as well as be far enough forward to react to anything happening in front of you.