How to change car color in Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport has some of the best colour and livery editing options around to personalise your cars. There are generally two ways to go about editing how your car looks in GT Sport, and we're going to run you through both in our handy guide!

Livery editor

For both levels of changing the car's colour, you'll need to head over to the Livery Editor. Beginning in GT Sport's main menu, you need to select the livery editor, which is in the side-menu on the left side of the screen.

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Within this, you have the option to edit your suit and helmet liveries, but we're wanting to change the car's livery. Select "New Design" on the car livery menu and then the car you want to edit.

Gran Turismo Sport colour change livery editor
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Despite the complexity of the livery editor, Polyphony have managed to design this feature to be easy on the eye even for first-time users.

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If you want to just change the base colour of the car, go to "Paint" and then select the colour you wish to use.

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There are literally hundreds of colours to choose from, so you're not lacking in options here. If you're wanting to really personalise your car further though, you can go into the livery editor's other options.

The racing items and decals submenus give you more to chew on when it comes to more changes. Everything from racing numbers and driver name to stickers of every design are available. The options really are limitless.

You can even save and upload these designs for other racers around the world to use. Be sure to save your design once you've completed it and the game will give you the option to share it online as well as saving it to your "My Library".

What's cool about it as well is that these edits are completely free, they won't cost you a single credit.

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