How to change difficulty settings on Gran Turismo 7

After years of waiting Gran Turismo 7 has finally arrived, here's how to change difficulty settings on Gran Turismo 7.

This will help players get the pace of their AI opponents just right for some quality racing.

How to change difficulty settings on Gran Turismo 7

At the very start of Gran Turismo 7 you can pick your difficulty level. However, the more you play the more you get used to how GT7 handles and how your cars performs on the track.

Which means you'll want to change your difficulty level. Here's how you can do it.

From the home World Map you can go up to the top left and click the GT icon there. From the dropdown menu that appears then select Options.

GT7 menu
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Now you can go to the bottom right of the screen that appears to select Race Difficulty.

From there you can change your current AI difficulty level to Easy, Normal, or Hard.

Tweaking assists

Another way to change the difficulty is to tweak the driver assists you use.

If you take off ABS or remove traction control the car will become harder to control, albeit faster. This will help hone your driver skills for jumping into Sport Mode. In the meantime though it will make it harder for you to keep up with AI drivers as you learn to cope with a more realistically handling car.

GT7 driver assists
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To do this, simply select a race you want to drive in and then on the start screen click Settings -> Assist Settings.

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