How to change difficulty settings on Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is a game that's enjoyed best when you're challenged by the AI, but you can still beat them on a regular basis. Every racing gamer's skill level is different, so every driver has different settings enabled on their save file.

How do you go about changing these settings, though? Well, we've got everything you need to know about the difficulty settings in GT Sport right here!

Altering your settings

While you can't change the speed of the AI, you can alter how fast or how easy it is for you to race flat-out. To change your driving settings, you need to go into a race. It doesn't matter whether you start a race in Arcade, Campaign or even online, but we booted one up in Campaign.

Gran Turismo Sport difficulty settings
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When the race has loaded, head over to the "Driving Options" menu and press "X" to enter it.

Gran Turismo Sport difficulty settings 3
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Pressing X will bring up the full list of options to change the difficulty of driving. This is also where you can alter settings on the car, such as transmission and the compound of tyres you're using.

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Full driving settings list

Here's a quick rundown of all of the settings and what they do:

  • Traction Control - Turing the TC up or down changes how much the car limits wheelspin from the driving wheels. For example, 10 will prevent all wheelspin, while 0 will mean you have to manually limit the throttle in traction zones.
  • Auto-drive - Whether you want the brakes and the steering to be automatically applied or manual.
  • Driving Line Assist - The racing line shows you when to brake and the fastest possible line around the entire circuit. Can be enabled for just corners or turned off entirely. The braking indicator has a similar purpose.
Gran Turismo Sport difficulty settings 5
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  • Low fuel indicator - Will alert you when you're almost out of fuel.
  • Active Stability Management (ASM) - Will stabilise the car before a spin occurs.
  • Countersteering Assistance - Will help prevent oversteer.
  • ABS - Anti-lock braking system will prevent the car locking up when braking.
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There are more setting available within the "detailed settings" submenu at the bottom of the driving settings list. These are more superficial settings such as whether to have all of the drivers' name visible on the HUD and whether to show the ghost of your best lap.

This is also whether you can adjust the game's cockpit camera and edit force feedback (vibration) on your controller pad.

You can even change the display/video settings of your game through this menu, but for a more in-depth look at that, check out our guide.

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