How to change fuel consumption in Gran Turismo Sport

Racing is all about completing the distance of the competition completed in the fastest possible time. It's rarely as simple as going flat-out for the full event though, as there are many factors and aspects you'll have to manage throughout.

One of the biggest is fuel consumption, especially if you're in a race where refuelling isn't allowed. So, how do you change your fuel mixture in Gran Turismo Sport? And how do you know if you're in a race where fuel consumption is a factor? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Checking if fuel is active

In real life, this is always a crucial aspect to racing. With enough petrol in the tank, you won't finish the race, it's as simple as that. However, most campaign races in Gran Turismo Sport don't have fuel consumption activated, especially early on.

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It's only when you get to the endurance races that fuel and refuelling become a part of your race. You don't have to wait until you unlock the endurance races to experience fuel consumption in GT Sport, though. You can create a custom race and activate "Fuel Depletion" using the setting shown above.

So, fuel consumption is now a part of your race, but how do you alter the fuel mixture during the race? I.e., the rate at which fuel is consumed.

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EASIER THAN YOU THINK: Altering your fuel settings in GT Sport is as easy as you'd hope

This is where the HUD (Heads up display) comes into play. If you press left or right on the d-pad, you can cycle through the electronic settings of the car you're in. When you get to Fuel Map, this is where you can change the fuel settings. Press up or down on the d-pad to change the fuel mixture. The higher the number, the higher the rate of fuel flow.

A higher fuel mixture will drink your petrol faster, but you'll be quicker down the straights and when accelerating. This especially comes in handy if you're trying to overtake another car. Be warned though, if you turn the fuel mix up, you will run out of petrol faster and need to make more fuel stops as a result.

There are other ways to save fuel

If you're wanting to extend the length of your stint, there are more techniques than lowering the fuel mixture that are available to you. Tried and tested methods include short-shifting and lifting and coasting before long braking zones.

Generally being lighter on the throttle when accelerating out of corners also helps not only fuel consumption but tyre life as well. It may not seem like it from the outside, but inside the cockpit, racing is all about compromise.

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