How to change steering settings on Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 landed earlier this month and the wait was definitely worth it! GT7 has arrived on the PlayStation 5 with a bang and we're loving every moment of it. One of the many reasons we love GT7 is that it's so customisable to you and your preferences when it comes to racing.

A good example of this are its steering settings, which are very easy to change, but also easy to miss. So, here's everything you need to know about getting the right steering settings for you in GT7.

Steering settings options

The best way to check and change your steering settings is to boot up a race. It doesn't matter what type, but you're probably best going for a single-player race so that you're not pressed for time. When the race has loaded, go over to the settings menu and choose Controller Settings.

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OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO YOU: These are the steering settings you're looking for

At the bottom of the Controller Settings menu, you'll see both Force Feedback Max. Torque and Force Feedback Sensitivity. If you're using the DualSense controller pad, these won't really affect you. For wheel users though, these are two vital settings.

Turning these up or down with dictate how the wheel feels while turning and accelerating. What's best is what's best for you, there's no right or wrong setting here. So, have a play around with these to find what's best for you and your wheel.

You can also change the settings for what command is assigned to which button on your racing wheel. This can be done by accessing the Buttons Configuration option at the top of this menu.

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THE MAP: These are the default controls available for the Thrustmaster T-GT wheel in GT7

How may I assist you?

You can have the correct steering settings when it comes to your wheel or controller, but if your assists are off, you could be struggling. So, with that in mind, head over to the Assist Settings, which can also be found in the menu when you load up a race.

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ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET: When you're starting out, there's no shame in asking for some digital assistance

There are a few assists that can affect steering, both directly and indirectly. For example, while ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) may not directly affect your steering, it does mean you could lock-up and go wide of a corner if you have it disabled.

Other settings such as the Driving Line Assistance and the Braking Indicator can have a similar effect.

The main steering assists that are likely to have an effect for you though are the Active Stability Management (ASM) and Countersteering Assistance. If you're struggling to keep the car on the track, we recommend turning these on/up.

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