How to change steering settings on Gran Turismo Sport

Despite it being out for a few years now, we still find ourselves coming back to play Gran Turismo Sport. Polyphony's latest racing simulator is still entertaining us ahead of the release of Gran Turismo 7.

There are a number of different options when it comes to what you want to use to control your cars. They ultimately fall into two categories though, controller pad and steering wheel. So, how do you change the settings for these? Keep reading to find out!

Button layout

If it's the button layout (i.e. which button does each command) you're wanting to change, you need to head over to the options menu. From the main menu, go to the GT logo in the top-left and scroll down to the Options menu.

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From there, press R1 to go to controllers and select which controller you're wanting to change your settings for. When it comes to which wheels are supported, you're best off having either a Thrustmaster, Logitech, or Fanatec wheel for GT Sport.

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Steering sensitivity settings

You'll have to start a race to change these settings, so set one up in either the campaign or arcade mode. Once it's booted up, you need to scroll to driving options, then all the way down to detailed settings. Within this menu is where you'll find the sensitivity settings.

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For controller, you'll only be concerned with the first of these three options. Wheel users will only be interested in the bottom two. Controller steering sensitivity dictates how sensitive the left stick is when you're steering the car.

For wheel users, you can alter the strength and limits of the force feedback. The max torque setting is the highest limit of where the steering wheel will turn when giving force feedback. The sensitivity is the strength at which the wheel will turn with.

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